The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial’s GeoRequest Area of Interest  (AOI) API

Build Offline Data (or data for within your network/firewall) from our curated prepared Regional and Worldwide data to your custom area of interest.

There are many ways to access this API

1) from one of our Mobile Apps

2) at the API level – we are selling this to third-party developers

3) front end submission web application

4) via Offline Map Data Generator Windows App, iOS, and Android


To access the API Please Contact with us


Unlimited API Access for 1 year $25,000

all data products

3-month API Access $800

all data products

CLIP-TILESClips worldwide/regional mbtiles/gpkg mbtiles or gpkg (tiles)
CLIP-VECTORClips Vector GPKG or PostGIS Database TableGPKG vector features
DOWNLOAD-TILESDownload Mapping Services and TilesMBTILES
ELEVATIONClip DEM ElevationElevation Tiles
RGB Encoded PNG in mbtiles
or LERC tiles in mbtiles
or Quantized Mesh in mbtiles

DATA available

Raster Tile MapsVector Tile MapsGPKG Vector Features
HillshadeOpen Street MapGeoNames
Shaded ReliefContour LinesOSM
Thunderforest Terrain backgroundGeoNames (9 Feature classes)GADM Administrative Boundaries
Reference Linesgadm
Reference LabelsInternational Boundaries
PNG RGB Encoded Elevation TilesTimezones
Open Topo Map MGRS
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