User can convert its ESRI Vector tile package and ESRI Raster tile package into a standard geo package.


Merge Raster MBTiles

User can now merge multiple mbtiles into a single mbtiles, this saves their time to carry just one file instead of multiple mbtiles.

Tech Maven Geospatial has build a Windows Desktop App tailored to working with MapTiles

  1. Clip/Cut MBTILES/GPKG to an area of interest
  2. Convert between formats (Mbtiles to GPKG or GPKG to MBTILES or OSMDroid SQLite to MBTILES)
  3. Assemble Folder of Raster Tiles (TMS/XYZ) into MBTILES
  4. Convert folder of PBF Vector Tiles into MBTILES (GZ the data)

Clip Raster/Vector mbtiles

  1. Zoom to Location
  2. Click “Select Area”
  3. Click “Select Mbtiles” – Select file
  4. Click “Select Folder” – Select output folder
  5. Enter File Name
  6. Click “Clip Mbtiles”

Note: Note: After these steps the application will clip the mbtiles. The cool thing about this conversion is that while converting the screen will not freeze or hang. It will move smoothly just because we are using multiple threads and CPU resources through programming logics so that out tools runs fast and smooth, this gives user a better experience.

Convert OSMDroid and Mbtiles

  1. Select Tiles (.sqlite or mbtiles)
  2. Select Folder
  3. Enter File Name
  4. Select “Output Type”
  5. Scroll Down
  6. Click “Convert Tiles”

View Mbtiles

  1. Turn Off/On base map
  2. Control the opacity of basemap from the slider
  3. Close the basemap from layer panel
  4. Change the order of the layers
  1. Turn On/Off the Tile Grid Info
  2. Change the Tile info TMS/XYZ
  3. Change the Order of the layers from arrow signs

Drag and Drop mbtiles

Application Dependencies

To use all the Features of this Application Tile Utilities you need to Dowonload the following Application Dependencies that are Necessary to use full features of this Application

.Net Core Runtime

.Net Core Desktop

.Net Core SDK

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