The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Field Data Collection Mapping Solutions

Tech Maven Geospatial builds advanced mapping and field data collection solutions focused on ease of use, simplicity, and streamlined workflows.

Our solutions are ready to go as soon as you install the App!
Design a Form on our Web Form Builder or in the app.
Load your offline map data  (GeoJSON, GPKG Vector Features, MBTILES Vector Tiles, MBTILES Raster Tiles, GPKG Raster Tiles)
Convert other formats in the app or in our vector conversion API.
Geo Data Collector iOS App
Geo Data Collector is an advanced field data collection mapping app, Flexible form designer,
GeoNames Map Explorer iOS App
Premier mapping app for maintaining your situational awareness
Map Data Explorer iOS, Android App
Powerful 2D/3D Mapping App that is simple to use Fast & responsible...
3D Map Explorer iOS App
Advanced Geospatial Data Visualization Mapping App focused on 3D/4D data.
Damage Assessment Mapper
Easily collect Damage Assessments for Buildings and Structure

✔ Form Designer  (share form design as JSON)

✔ Offline (no back-end service or database required)

✔ Can design in the app

✔ Map Tools

✔ Offline Map Data

Full feature robust application builder tied to your database or API or ESRI FeatureServer  *Internet required

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