The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial has developed an advanced Map Tiling Desktop app

Two types of Map Tiling is supported

  1. Raster Map Tiling (JPG, PNG) MBTILES
  2. Vector Map Tiling (GZ PBF) MBTILES

It also supports conversion of Raster Imagery (Geospatial PDF/GeoPDF, MrSID, JP2 and more formats coming soon) to GeoTIFF Cloud Optimized – COG.

Coming soon conversion of GIS Vector Data to GeoPackage Vector features

The current version is limited to GEOTIFF (single file) to MBTILES

It works multi-threaded and is fast and powerful

Enter Details

✓  Enter File Name

✓  Select Output Format – mbtiles or gpkg both are supported

✓  Enter Source

✓  Enter Attribution

✓  Enter Description

✓  Enter Min Zoom

✓  Enter Max Zoom

Special Feature of this Application

The special feature about this application is that it uses maximum resources(threads) of the system while converting tiff into mbtiles. There is a comparison of how the system CPU is fully utilized while using this application.

18 % CPU is used before starting this application

Maximum CPU Utilization while running Raster Tiling App

Converted File in QGIS

The converted file can be viewed in QGIS or any other software that supports view of mbtiles or geo package.

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