The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial has experience building Cloud Native Geospatial Solutions in AZURE and AWS (limited degree Google Cloud)

We can help architect solutions that are scalable and secure

We can write infrastructure as code (IaC) DevOps CI/CD Pipelines for repeatable deployable processes (AWS CloudFormation and Azure DevOps and Templates)

We work with different technologies like:

  • AWS Elastic BeanStalk
  • Serverless Functions – AWS Lambda
  • Amazon EKS – Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Data Pipeline, Glue, Data Factory, Data Catalog
  • Athena and Data Lake Analytics for query services

Whether it’s something simple like setting up a tile server or GeoServer and POSTGIS or more complex building data pipelines and API’s.


We’ve even set up ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal for customers.

We are a full-stack Geospatial development services firm.

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