The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial has years of experience working with

PostGIS PostgreSQL Database
and build dynamic mapping services (GeoServices REST API FeatureServer or OGC API Features or Custom API) and MapBox PBF vector tiles with filtering and build robust web, desktop, and mobile applications

We can work with on-premises and Cloud VM as well as

Cloud Managed PostGIS (AWS RDS AURORA, AZURE CosmosDB, Google Cloud AlloyDB )

We work with FDW- Foreign Data Wrapper and as a Data Mesh and federated system

and we are well-versed on many extensions to Postgres Рincluding Citus for Columnar Store and Distributed Distribution 

and TimeScaleDB

We build database functions/stored procedures

We build advanced queries

We build APIs to interact with PostGIS by loading data, performing analysis and spatial functions, and returning results to extracting data for offline disconnected use in mobile apps

We are also been working with performing Machine Learning and Deep Learning within the database and via python packages.

We can also help migrate from other databases to PostGIS or from PostGIS to Google Big Query or TimescaleDB or Kinetica or other systems.

We have a ready-to-go module for Converting/Transforming GIS Vector Data and Attributes to PostGIS tables (ASP.NET API and GDAL/OGR)

We also work with KoopJS and its PostGIS Provider to deliver mapping services from PostGIS

Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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