The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Big Geospatial Data Processing and Analytics

We can process and analyze massive data leveraging Apache Spark and Apache Sedona

Apache Zeppelin Notebooks integrated for exploratory analysis and visualization

Leveraging other Spark Ecosystem Tools like GeoMesa, GeoTrellis, MrGeo

In addition, we’ve used DuckDB Geospatial Extension

We work with in-database ML with PostgreML

No matter what your requirement we can assist you to achieve success

We work with Parquet/GeoParquet, Zarr/GeoZarr, Avro, Arrow, CSV/TSV

Data warehouses and Data Lakes and Data Lake Houses

We also work with Multi-dimensional datasets NETCDF and Zarr

We use Seek Optimized Zip Format and cloud native geospatial processing

We have experience with serverless functions  (Azure functions and AWS Lambda)

Have also used Apache SeaTunnel

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