The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Geo Data Collector iOS APP

Advanced Field Data Collection Application Works Offline

App comes with ready to go data that’s highly optimized using Tech Maven Geospatial’s GeoRequest Area of Interest (AOI) API – Downloading OpenMapTiles/MapTiler Data

  • OpenStreetMap Vector Tiles with more than 8 Stylesheets to choose from including Klokantech Terrain/Topo Style
  • Contour Lines Vector Tiles
  • Hillshade Raster Tiles
  • Satellite Imagery Raster Tiles
  • GADM Boundary

Support for user loaded mapping data:

  • GPKG vector features (users can style their data also supports dynamic raster tiles generation for handling big data)
  • GeoJSON (users can style their data)
  • MBTILES -Raster tiles
  • MBTILES – Vector tiles (users can apply a style their data)
  • GPKG – Raster Tiles (3857 web mercator only)
  • Vector Data Converter – can convert User Zipped Shapefile (WGS84), KML, GPX, CSV, WKT to GeoJSON

Geo Data Collector IOS App
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