Tech Maven Geospatial has data ready for your offline mapping project!

SQLite Databases with Raster, Vector and Terrain/Elevation Tiles (in both MBTiles and GeoPackage formats)

We can also translate these formats into other widely used formats to meet whatever specific need you have and to accommodate your mapping platform. See List

We can develop custom offline maps to suit any needs

We have the bandwidth and CPU’s to handle processing satellite imagery to zoom level 24 and large scales

Raster Tiling

Specialized Raster Tiling Services

Image Optimization – Providing the best compromise for file size and quality

Composing multiple tile layers together

Changing Colors, Adjusting Transparency/Opacity

Vector Tiles

MapBox Vector Tiles (GZipped PBF Protocol Buffers) in TMS schema in mbtiles or can be folder of XYZ or TMS tiles.

We have specialized tools for building vector tiles from databases and Vector GIS Data.

Elevation/Terrain Tiles

We have worldwide elevation data from multiple sources and processed into 256×256 tiles following the TMS Schema.

There are several formats we can deliver.

  1. PNG with RGB values with a formula representing height/elevation
  2. Cesium Terrain Formats – Quantized Mesh and Grid Formats
  3. GeoPackage Elevation

extracts/downloads from Publicly available Tile Servers, Map Servers

Build custom offline maps from your existing GIS Data or Raster Imagery

We are experts in offline limited availability mapping

Vector Tile Basemaps and OverViews

Area of Interest of existing Mbtiles and GeoPackages

Downloading of OGC Mapping Services for offline use (WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS, TMS/XYZ)

Downloading of ESRI ArcGIS Mapping Services (Feature, Image, Map)


Other Supported Formats

Other Formats Supported:

  1. BSB Nautical Chart Format (KAP)
  2. Tagged Image Format (GeoTiff)
  3. JPG2000  JP2, JPK
  4. KML SuperOverlay and KMZ
  5. OziExplorer .map
  6. OziExplorer .OZFx2 and 3
  7. Meta Raster Format (MRF)
  8. OZI
  9. Geospatial PDF (GeoPDF)
  10. Rasterlite
  11. ESRI TilePackage (TPK)
  12. ZMap Plus
  13. Garmin JNX Format
  14. RMaps SQLite
  15. MapTech Topo Maps and Aerial Navigation Chart
  16. NITF RPF
  17. ECW
  18. Zoomify Format
  19. Enterprise Database Raster formats (Oracle Spatial, MySQL Spatial, POSTGIS, SQL Server Spatial, DB2, etc)
  20. Different tiling schemas


MBTILES is probably the best format with vector tiles and raster tiles.  GeoPackage is good with it’s Vector Features (similar to WKB geom column) and flexible projections for raster tiles.

Data Products

We have many data products staged and ready to go.

We can also cut an area of interest (clip) the data and also reduce the number of zoom levels as needed to keep file size down.

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