The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Geospatial Content/Data Management Systems

part of a Spatial Data Infrastructure

Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC has a proven track record of developing outstanding Geospatial Web Services

experience with platforms like GeoNode/GeoShape 

with GeoNetwork for metadata discovery, publishing, and search

But have also built very custom solutions with GeoServer, POSTGIS back-end with custom API, Tile Servers, MapProxy,  and heavily leveraging the REST API of GeoServer with a custom user interface.

We have also built open data sites that expose standards like CKAN, CSW, SOCRATA and other open data metadata catalogs as well as exposing OGC Mapping Services to any mapping client.

We are equally adept at working within the ESRI ArcGIS Ecosystem with ArcGIS Server Enterprise and Portal for ArcGIS.

Whatever your requirement and needs our experienced team will gladly take on a challenge for managing and displaying Geospatial Data and making secure and robust.

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