The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

 and Raster Tiling Services

Tech Maven Geospatial has special custom advanced multithreaded optimized tools and workflows for handling raster map tiling! This is our Subject Matter Expertise and we’ve written white papers on this subject and spoken at events and conferences and expos.

we process big data with our custom developed tools and console apps, Map Tiler Pro, Global Mapper, and GDAL.

We can handle difficult formats like GeoPDF, RPF NITF, Nautical charts BSB or even vector S-57 converted to raster, Aviation/Aeronautical charts and data. We can perform mosaic and raster effects and adjust order. We can clip collars if data has neatlines and borders. 


Build map tiles to be served via tile servers or GeoServer/MapServer for web maps. We can also deliver data ready to be served by ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise/Portal and AGOL.  

Raster Tiling for offline apps – we packaged tiles in MBTILES, GPKG GeoPackage or KMZ/KML Super Overlay, OSMDROID SQLite, ESRI Tile Package TPKX and other formats that GDAL or Global Mapper supports.

Vector Tiles – Protocol Buffer Format (PBF) Vector Map Tiling with advanced features and layers (we do advanced data conversion and optimization, drop columns/fields, concatenate, filter, summarize, densify geometry or simplify geometry, change geometry type). We can process data from multiple sources.  We build advanced GL JSON Stylesheets, Custom Sprite sheets, Custom Glyphs for custom fonts.

Ouput formats:

folder of XYZ PBF tiles and deliver as Zip archive

MBTILES or GPKG (gz pbf inside tile_data blob)

ESRI VTPK vector tile package

Terrain/Elevation Tiles many formats for offline and web

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