The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial offers ESRI ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online Services

  1. Consulting and Support services
  2. Developer Editions Development of Custom functions and Widgets
  3. Full Custom Development with ArcGIS API For JavaScript and ESRI Leaflet and other mapping libraries
  4. Development with the of the box functionalities
  • WebAppBuilder
  • Dashboards
  • Experience Builder
  • StoryMaps
  • Instant Apps
  • ArcGIS Solutions (Templates 10.9 or AGOL) Pre-Made Apps from ESRI and configured them
  • other
  1. Provisioning for ESRI Field Maps and ArcGIS Collector

We have extensive experience enabling field workers to collect data or just have accurate maps for their situational awareness and reference.

Have developed feature classes (setup domains and subtypes and relationship classes) and published as featureserver 

Enable support for GNSS/GPS Receiver metadata capturing by adding those fields to the feature class

Enable support for versioning and editor tracking

and built webmap for use in ESRI ArcGIS Collector and ESRI FieldMaps Mapping apps

Added Non editable reference layers to the map

Setup Defined Map Areas for offline use

Built offline basemap data (using ArcGIS Pro and Tile Package Kreator as well as python code to convert MBTILES/GPKG into TPKX) to be side loaded into the app and shared among uses and among several projects (Raster Tiles TPKX, Vector Tiles VTPK and Mobile Map Packages)

Developed python scripts for managing attachments

downloading attachments

Downloading FeatureServer data using the Create Replica Function

Creating mail merge documents 

Creating PDF Maps of collected data with Map Series and automating this with python

Worked on setting up WebHooks to integrate with third-party services for integration with data that’s collected



In addition, where requirements dictate and Developer runtime license is available, we’ve developed custom solutions using the ESRI runtime SDK for .NET and runtime SDK for iOS and Android building custom solutions and custom workflows.   We’ve developed a solution to enable editing local OGC GPKG GeoPackage SQLite database and building dynamic forms not tied to a hosted featurelayer and not requiring any synchronization.  As well as the ability to support raster formats like TIF, SID, JP2 and also RPF NITF data.  

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