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Team Awareness /Assault Kit (TAK) Data Services and Integrations 

ATAK | iTAK |WinTAK | ARTAK | Other apps for

Government and Military Defense and Intelligence Mapping Solutions

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Tech Maven Geospatial are subject matter experts in offline mapping and delivering data for DDIL Environments (Denied, Disrupted, Intermittent, and Limited (bandwidth)

We have a large capacity for producing data and we have ready-to-go data and API’s.

We build specialized tools and software for working with map tiles and serving map tiles

Geospatial Services on-premises or at the edge

Serve Data and Distribute Data

Geospatial Servers on premise or at edge


Map Tiles (XYZ and WMTS)

GeoServices REST API & Dynamic PBF Vector Tiles

Static Data Serving with http endpoint (GeoJSON, KML/KMZ, GPX, CSV,etc)



Companion Mobile App (iOS or Android) to use to download online data as MBTILES

Map Data Explorer iOS and Android offers the ability to download online mapping services

Download Map Tiles (XYZ/TMS/OGC WMTS)

Download ESRI MapServer 

Download ESRI ImageServer

Download OGC WMS 

Download Pre-Staged Data from Tech Maven Geospatial Server. Ready to Go Data Products by Country, Regions, US States, Canadian Provinces 

Custom Area of Interest Downloading

DTech Maven Geospatial has about 50 data products ready for download to your custom area of interest 

Elevation and Grids

Submit point Lat Long GeoJSON or SQLite and get back Elevation, What3Words, PlaceKey, PlusCode, MGRS and GARS


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