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Tech Maven Geospatial – Products

GeoServer RESTful Interface

We built a Form that interacts with GeoServer via REST that uploads a Georectified/Referenced Raster Image (GeoTiff, JP2, EC2, SID and others) and returns an OGC WMS URL as well as it proxied as a Tile Server (/z/x/y.png)

We have another version that utilized GeoWebCache and returns a SQLite Database in MBTiles or GPKG raster tiles

Download Tiles (Raster, Vector or Terrain)

We have several products that allow you to download data from tile servers

Specify Area of Interest and zoom levels and URL of tile server and it will download either folder of tiles or mbtiles

MBTiles Compare

Web Map based on Leafletjs that allows users to add their local or remote mbtiles and compare them.

We have another version that let’s you compare the pixel values (RGB) this is useful if you have an mbtiles that your using to store other data like elevation values.

Raster Image to Mbtiles

Python Library takes a raster image like a GeoTiff and generates an MBTiles with zoom levels.

Terriajs INIT Catalog Creator/Editor Tool

Web Application that makes it easy to create INIT JSON Catalog Files for use in Terriajs WebGL Rich Internet Application

GeoPackage Tile Server

PHP Tile Server that works with both Raster Tiles in Mbtiles and GPKG (GeoPackage)

and Vector Tiles in MBTiles format.  It serves up either a WMTS or XYZ URL and TileJSON is available

C# Windows Command Line Tool for Generating MBTiles from folder of tiles

Create an optimized mbtiles from a folder of tiles

Generate GPKG Database from several folder of tiles (XYZ or TMS)

C# Windows Command Line tool for building GeoPackage Raster Tiles datasets from several folder of tiles.
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