The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC is highly experienced in developing and optimizing Digital Elevation and Surface Models (DEM/DSM) Elevation and Terrain Data for display in the web and mobile devices.

Using our vast repository of worldwide source terrain data (DEM) and the optimized formats we’ve converted the data to (Global Mapper Grid, Gridded GeoTIFF Tiles, or Mosaic of Gridded GeoTiff for certain geographic areas) and our highly optimized tools and workflows that can generate elevation tiles in multiple formats.

  • LERC – Limited Error Raster Compression (lerc2)
  • elevation encoded in the Red,Green & Blue (RGB) Channels of PNG Raster Images in  MapZen Terrarium Spec and MapBox Terrain-RGB PNG Spec
  • Gridded Coverage GeoTIFF Tiles
  • BIL
  • DTED 
  • Tiled Gridded Coverage Data GeoPackage SQLite
  • and other formats

3D Terrain Tiles for view in Scene/Perspective (showing the mountains)

  • Right Angle  Triangulated Irregular Network RTIN
  • Quantized Mesh .Terrain Tiles
  • Heightmap .Terrain Tiles
  • Others

We have space-based elevation datasets SRTM, ASTER 2 GDEM, GTOPO processed into highly optimized formats

We can also convert LiDAR Point Cloud bare earth elevation data from an airborne sensor(s) into derivative products.

We also have a dotnet core tool for adding Elevation to existing point data (GeoJSON, SQLite with Lat Long and GPKG vector features) from our cache of MapZen Skadi HGT 1 degree tiles. This is an optimized process and does not require accessing internet resources

as well as USGS 3DEP/ NED data for the Continental USA.

Many of our Apps shows spot elevation and terrain profile views with steepness/slope and have 3D Syn’d View

Our app Earth Explorer 3D Map App shows 3D terrain  (Quantized Mesh Terrain Tiles) and has augmented reality that controls the map with your gyroscope/compass/accelerometer of the device.

Map Data Explorer (MapBox Terrain-RGB or MapZen Terrarium) Online and Offline

We also do full-service Geospatial Analysis of Elevation and Terrain data.

and develop derivative products like:

  • Ridgelines
  • Contourlines
  • Breaklines
  • Shaded Relief Raster Tiles
  • Hillshade Raster Tiles
  • Aspect and Slope
  • Access Route Analysis

We can also perform a Line of Sight and Viewshed Analysis.  Cut and Fill Calculations and Water Inundation studies and also 3D Model export and 3D PDF Export, Video Tours of 3D Terrain/Perspective Views.

New March 2023 DEM DOWNLOADER API  is available via Offline Map Data Generator iOS, Android and Windows

We have a large inventory of data (packaged into SQLite databases MBTILES/GPKG ) that’s Pre-Staged Worldwide, Regional, US States, Canadian Provinces

in addition, with our GeoRequest AOI API, and custom dotnet core tools we can cut /clip to any area of interest.

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