Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC is highly experienced in Elevation and Terrain Data for display in the web and mobile devices.

We generate elevation tiles (multiple formats such as LERC, elevation encoded in the Red Green Blue Channels of PNG Raster Images in Terrarium and MapBox Formats, BIL)

and 3D Terrain Tiles

(Right Angle  Right-Triangulated Irregular Network RTIN, Quantized Mesh .Terrain Tiles, Heightmap Terrain Tiles)

We have space-based elevation datasets SRTM, ASTER 2 GDEM, GTOPO processed into highly optimized formats

as well as USGS 3DEP/ NED data for the Continental USA.

Many of our Apps shows spot elevation and terrain profile views with steepness/slope and have 3D Syn’d View

Our app Earth Explorer shows 3D terrain and has augmented reality

We have MBTILES/GPKG of this data for the world and can cut /clip to any area of interest

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