The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial is an Expert at Setting up Environments for Delivering Mapping Services/Data and APIs

We Specialize in Architecting Solutions that are Secure and Scalable and Easy to Manage

    • Traditional Map Server Architectures – GeoServer, GeoWebCache, PostGIS plus GeoServer Extensions, and Community Modules and WPS
    • Leveraging PostGIS database with some modules to deliver dynamic vector tiles and searchable API (OGC API features, ESRI GeoServices REST API)  (We work with many packages like KOOPJS, Pg_TileServ, PG_featureServ, TRex, Tegola, and many others)
    • Tile Servers for delivering cached map tiles from Mbtiles or GPKG or folder of XYZ/TMS Tiles
    • Analysis that had called PostGIS functions and python libraries
    • building solutions for easy loading of data like GeoServer REST and OGR2OGR for loading data into postGIS.

    Please Contact Us For a Consultation

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