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Tech Maven Geospatial has solutions for serving and delivering geospatial data:

you’re perfect within firewall on-prem solution, at the edge, mobile command center, business continuity disaster recovery solution

These are windows installable applications no setting up servers, no having to worry about web servers 

Tile Server 

serves cached mbtiles & gpkg

serves as WMTS and XYZ Tiles and static COG, KML, GeoJSON

Geo Data Server

dynamic POSTGIS tables and static files (GPKG, SHP, KML, GeoJSON, CSV) as

Served as ESRI GeoService REST API FeatureServer and Dynamic PBF Vector Tiles VectorTileServer

Coming soon OGC WMS and OGC WMTS and XYZ Raster Tiles

3D Scene Server/Converter

SLPK as SceneServer

3DTILES zip file as 3DTILES 

Convert 3D Data to 3DTILES

These are the windows apps with installer no need for docker or configuring IIS  


We can sell bulk licenses with one license key

We also have source code available for sale  and white labeled solutions

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