The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tech Maven Geospatial’s End User License Agreement (EULA) for

GeoRequest Area of Interest (AOI) Data Downloading Service

Many of our mobile apps use this API/Service to request a custom area of interest for offline data

Provided in MBTILES, GPKG, SQLite, other formats

Tech Maven Geospatial commercially licenses some data, and uses Public Government Data and Open Source Data

and optimizes it for use in offline disconnected workflows and exposes it to be clipped into an area of interest.

Most data is not copyrighted and not by us but under the terms of the originator

From Open Street Map we prepare Open Street Map Vector Tiles

From Public DEM – Digital Elevation Models we create Hillshade and Contour Lines

From US Government (NGA and USGS) we prepare GeoNames

From Public Open Street Map and Styles made available online from Thunderforest and Stamen we produce Reference Lines, Reference Labels and Stamen Terrain Background and Thunderforest Outdoors

The GeoRequest API has about 55 data products not all are available in all apps

  1. GeoNames Map Explorer has 16 sources
  2. Geo Data Collector has 4 sources (OSM Vector Tiles, Contour Lines, Hillshade, Satellite Imagery)


We license this API in some apps by the number of regions to download 1,3, 5

or in other apps like Offline Map Data Generator by an annual license for unlimited use.

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