The initial Consultation fee of $125 for Data or Development Services.

Tile Utilities


Tech Maven Geospatial has built a Windows Desktop App tailored to working with MapTiles.

Cross Sell other Windows apps Tile Server, Geo Data Server, 3D Scene Server, Converter Offline Map Data,Generator ,Map Tiling

Map Tiling

Turn your raster images and vector geographical data into interactive map tiles with map tiling software.

(Not a Subscription and No Annual Maintenance).

3D Tiling


Easily Convert Data into OGC 3DTILES b3dm Archive Format 3TZ From:

  • OSGB Open Scene Graph
  • Wavefront OBJ
  • ESRI Shapefile with a field for height
  • GLTF 3D Model

Offline Map Data Generator

Advanced High-Performance Apps for Downloading Map Tiles

users define an area of interest (AOI), select the level of detail Starting and Ending Map Zoom levels, and Enter the URL for any mapping service ( OGC WMS, OGC WMTS or ESRI MapServer and ESRI ImageServer.)

Vector Tiles to Raster


Tiles Desktop App

(Windows, Linux, and MacOSX)

Converts PBF Vector Tiles URL (this can come from the internet or from Geo Data Server



Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
(Windows, Linux, and MacOSX)

Focused App for Downloading Digitial Elevation Data in multiple formats RGB PNG Encoded Terrain Tiles (for use  in Mobile/Desktop/Web Mapping Apps powered by MapBox and MapLibre)

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